Harleys 12 Month Adventure

Out of all the “experiences” I have had so far….this one still makes me say WTF!!!

I love horses…obviously.

I love dogs….this will soon become more obvious.

But I LIKE Cats….and for some reason only known to the feline world they LOVE me.

I spent a lot of time on the farm alone…Just myself my horses and my dogs….perfect.

I had a partner who due to his work spent 10 days out of 14 working away…did this worry me…nope…kinda like my own company.

If I was reading someones recollection of this night, Id call bullshit….aint no bullshit about it.

A year ago I was sleeping when I was suddenly woken by a cat crying. Nothing too weird about that but I lived on a rural property and the only cats around were feral.

Picture opening your eyes…startled at first by how bright the full moon was, only to see a silhouette of a cat sitting outside on your windows edge….ummm ok.

I was laying there thinking lucky Im not superstitious when old mate black cat proceeded to push open the screen on the window and launched onto my bed….Holy Shit.

At this point Im thinking Im about to be torn to shreds…. on my new white sheets… by a crazy feral black cat.

The cat then proceeded to start purring…um ok do feral cats purr??

As I hid any bare skin under the blanket…I dont really do scars…the cat proceeded to walk up my body…rub its face on mine…then curled up on my chest and went to sleep.

Great…Im now trapped under a feral cat with just my head exposed.

I didnt really get much sleep that night but he did.

Next morning the cat….now known as Billy…happily followed me around the farm and made himself at home.

I posted on social media as I thought he has to be someones but it was starting to look like Billy was now part of my family.

Billy happily slept on my bed when I was there, I would, however, pop him outside when I went to work…aaaand come back to Billy the cat burglar back on my bed…screen open…every time.

I casually mentioned Billy to a customer at work one day …she said that she had a black cat once but he had gone missing a year earlier.

I described Billy and she said that her daughter would come and take a look but doubted it was him.

Well hello there “Harley” and welcome home….where the hell did you go for 12 months!!

Harley had been on an adventure for over a year…Maggie his 9 year old owner had wished every night for him to come back, for over a year…

Harley knew I could help him get home…

Harley also knew that if I just started listening more to my gut the “whispers” would become clearer.

All good Harley …Im listening….


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