So I kinda stole the horse….Juddy 💕

Juddy had been left alone in a paddock on a neighbouring property for over 8 years.

Not part of my story to tell their story and reasons for leaving him….our story is what matters.

The day I borrowed Juddy he was greeted by a bitchy mare named Charlie.

I was actually a bit concerned as to her acceptance of him but miss Charlie let out a flirty girly scream….fluffed her tail and accepted him into her world.

Juddys eyes were dull….he was full of worms….ribs showing and his mane and tail looked like Bob Marleys hair.

Over the next few weeks I would gently brush him and detangle the dreads…he has a presence…at 17 hands high he could have flattened me easily….but he never showed any aggression at all.

When I was around him I would start talking softly to him…its ok…youre here now.

Then it happened….that thing….the knowing…and I just started answering him as if he was asking questions.

I “knew” he was heartbroken as his paddock companion had died…that he stood by her body for days willing her to get up….he was hungry and his body was aching….he was worried that he would be taken back to that paddock and his heart broken again.

Have you ever seen a horse or any animal have a tear roll down their face? It pulls your heart thru your chest..and thats exactly what happened when I felt his tear against my cheek.

It was at that moment I told him that he will never be alone again and I will love him and keep him safe until his last breath.

Now Im not saying Im some miracle/freak worker…but I just know….cant explaim it….wish I could….I just know!!

The difference in Juddy was almost instant….a gleam came back to his eyes and he would physically wrap his large head around my neck to hug me.

I would spend hours just feeling him…breathing with him…loving him.

Often I would sneak a look at Juddy and Charlie from the bathroom window….there would be Miss Charlie laying down fast asleep….next to her…the protector Juddy, standing guard so his girl could safely rest….once she was rested he would sleep with Charlie returning the favour.

I never took Juddy back to where I had borrowed him from…he had come into my life for a reason and I made him a promise.

Juddy has been in my life for nearly 3 years now…some say I rescued him……nah.. . he rescued me 💕


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