A horse called Cochise…. 23… blind and fighting for his life.

Do you ever wonder what if?

What if I hadnt of finished work early that day?

What if I hadnt taken the back road to go to town….why was I even going to town…I hate shopping.

What if my gut didnt say go back go back go back.

I know the answer to all of those questions….Cochise would be dead…no doubt about it.

My parents were visiting from Adelaide and I decided to take them to town to buy new pillows….ummm and why is that…no idea.

I had 3 options when it comes to which way to get to the closest town….I chose the back road.

I was driving at 100km an hour chatting to my parents…well actually constantly repeating the same thing….(no we dont need hearing aids) when out the corner of my eye…behind a house I saw a flash of something….it looked like two legs waving.

I then said for no reason….”theres a horse stuck in a hole”….where the hell did that comment come from… Both my parents said no there isnt and there is no physical way you could see that from the road…especially at speed.

I kept driving for another kilometre when I said….nope Im going back.

When I got back to the property I ran thru the fence to find a gorgeous old horse…completely blind….stuck in a mud filled hole.

The next 2 hours were spent trying to get him out…Emergency services were in attendance along with a number of locals.

I spent the whole time calmly touching his face….he was so scared….freezing and in the complete darkness of his blindness.

The rescuers tried in vain but the mud was causing a suction making it impossible…Cochise let his head fall to the side…his fight was done.

I used all my strength to pull his head up…I whispered no you dont….dont you give up now….your mum is on her way home and she needs you and loves you.

Cochise lifted his head and positioned his body so straps could be placed under his body….he was then winched up in to the air and placed on solid ground.

I stayed with Cochise until his mum arrived back.

Cochise made the local news and newspaper.

A few days later I pulled over near Cochise’s paddock to see how he was….I never said a word…Cochise lifted his head and smelt the air…he then walked straight to me….nuzzled my neck and gave a deep nicker…turned around and walked away.

It was described as a miracle by the owner that I saw him and because of that I saved his life.

No miracle…he just called for help and I answered 💕

3 thoughts on “A horse called Cochise…. 23… blind and fighting for his life.”

  1. This is extraordinary, Jo. These connections are powerful when we pay attention as you did. Keep writing.
    Thank you for visiting and following Spirituality Without Borders. I appreciate your presence there.

    Liked by 1 person

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