Here we go….

See that little girl…thats me 48 years ago.

Horse mad, annoying the crap out of not only my parents but also my patient….or so they made out…cousins.

We couldnt afford a horse…plus no room at our little place in good old Adelaide.

Next best thing….family with horses…Dad who adored his little princess…that would be me…and a whiney voice that ensured when I wanted to go to the farm…I went to the farm.

One of my earliest memories was of my dummy in horseshit…apparently that was meant to convince me that I no longer needed a dummy since my baby sister had come along..all good Ill just suck the shit off it and my complicated 18 month old life would continue as I knew it.

Always had a “thing” with animals….they would literally just appear in my life….

Brought a horse home I found walking down our street….found a German Shepherd, what do you mean I have to give him back??? Found Lucy the chook…actually kept her hidden in my cubby house for a few weeks….only got sprung when my proud 6 year old mouth announced to my mum that I had an egg for the cake….Lucy went to the farm…I think.

I knew then that I had something and that my life would be spent working with animals.

Life just had a bit of shit to throw at me first which is what made me who I am today….the person who accepts the past is the past and today is the day I found my life purpose…


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