Three years ago I had a brainwave, at the grand old age of 46… to buy my first horse.

I hadnt ridden for 25 years after coming off a horse I was leasing… I had tried to fall like a delicate butterfly …but picture a sloth falling flat on its butt and thats prob more of an acurate description ….no biggie apart from the fact I was pregnant at the time….not my smartest moment in life but that baby is now a healthy 27 year old man so all good.

Fast forward 25 years and I found myself living on the most beautiful property in Queensland and I wanted a pony!!

I bought Charlie as soon as I saw her…a 5 year old (oh my god wtf are you thinking….old lady old horse) Arab x Stock horse.

Charlie was a mare….never had much to do with mares before …wont be that hard.

Holy shit…Chestnut Mare …in season is like Linda Blair with her head spinning in the Exorcist…AND the bonus was this happens EVERY 21 days…..Why didnt I ever know this!

Now I think back I know the exact moment that I just ‘knew’ what she was thinking.

It was a blowy, wet day on the farm…photography is my other passion and I decided it would be great to wander around the horses paddock and take some photos…nope bad idea.

I ended up hiding behind a tree calling for help as my in season mare, ears pinned back…teeth showing….decided I wasnt going anywhere.

Once the cavalry arrived evil Charlie left and lovely Charlie returned….it seemed men were accepted in her paddock and I the female not.

Once safely out the paddock Charlie approached me at the fence and calmly held my gaze…I dont know how/why but I started saying to my partner….”she thinks Im another mare…she is lonely and scared at nights….shes not sleeping as she has to always be on look out for the dingoes coming thru her paddock…she misses her previous paddock mates”.

The next day I “borrowed” a horse from a neighbouring property just for a few weeks to help her settle.

Charlie never behaved that way again and I never returned the other horse….welcome to the family Juddy๐Ÿ’•



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